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We are delighted to be acting for you on the purchase of your new home and wish to make this move as pleasant and stress-free as possible. We would ask you to have your real estate agent fax us a copy of the agreement of purchase and sale as soon as possible.

Do not leave arranging home insurance until the last minute. In today's insurance market, same day coverage is likely not available. Even if it were possible, you would lose the opportunity to obtain competitive quotes. As your mortgage lender will not release funds until insurance is in place, you must have insurance arranged prior to closing.

We also strongly suggest that you finalize your mortgage as soon as possible so that we have instructions well before closing. Most lenders will not process in advance until we have provided and interim report and request for funds.

If you are purchasing a new home or condominium from a builder see me before you sign the offer, or make the offer conditional on solicitor approval. New home offers, and especially condominium offers are complex and you need to understand the various adjustments that the builder can pass through to you. Many of these at the offer stage can be negotiated out, or at least capped.

Initial consultation on the agreement of purchase and sale is in most instances free.

To best address this, please complete the form linked here, save it, and return it to the offices of David Dolson by fax or email.

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